Custom tailored private lessons or duets in your own space.

Based on your experience and needs I will help you to achieve balance, flexibility and strength. Quality of life is important to me as well as being pain-free and as comfortable in your body as possible.

Trained at Vitality Pilates in Seattle's Mt. Baker neighborhood, an instructor of Pilates in many locations including offices, full equipment studios and assisted living facilities. My clients vary in age and experience levels. I am able to intelligently and safely work with many populations including pregnant women, teens, and the elderly. I have special training in injury rehabilitation and in neurodegenerative disorders like MS and Parkinson’s. My experience as a massage therapist for the past 8 years infuses my Pilates instruction making me a unique teacher as my understanding of anatomy is extensive.

Working with the core principles of Breath, Control, Alignment, Precision and Awareness + with a library of unlimited exercises and many props to add in, sessions with me are challenging and lighthearted. If you have a Pilates reformer and/or Cadillac even better.

Send me an email or give me a call to schedule.