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I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Washington State.

Covid-19 update: I have been fully vaccinated and follow all recommended protocols.

My practice is focused on increasing overall mobility and restoring function to joints and muscles, while decreasing anxiety, depression, discomfort and dysfunction. I look at the whole picture, and often make suggestions for self-care in between appointments. I collaborate with a team of health professionals on a regular basis to sharpen my skills and knowledge about health and wellbeing. I am often learning new techniques to broaden my practice, and perspective. I am well versed in sports injury treatment, relaxation, deep tissue, personal injury, chronic neck and back pain and pregnancy work. Whether you need something specific addressed or just a wellness day, I can take care of you.

I work towards attainable goals with my clients who report long term results. It is the reason I do this meaningful work. I am interested to find out what people need in terms of bodywork to meet these goals. I feel confident that I can create a treatment plan that will garner positive changes.

Call or email me to make an appointment and I will try to get you in as soon as possible. My practice is located within the Pilates studio where I teach classes and lessons.

Jenny Dailey LMP, MA 60041366
3603 S McClellan St Seattle Wa 98144